Holstein Friesian

Holsteins are most popular as Dairy cows but they also contribute to a large percentage of meat production worldwide. 


The Charolais cattle breed has been popular for milk and meat, The Charolais were selected for their Muscling, size and rapid growth.


The limousine cattle is generally large with a strong frame and has been popular as excellent work animals as well as for their high beef quality.




Referred to by many as the king of sheep. Owning this reputation to the quality of wool it produces.

While Merino Sheep are most notable for excellent wool production, they are also quite productive meat producers as well. in mutton production, getting moderate fat on the animal especially in the right places is quite important. Merino sheep is popular for its intramuscular fat also known as Marbling which makes them excellent sheep for meat production as well.



Frilan is a leading exporter of livestock for the Middle East and North Africa markets. Our team has a long-standing reputation for excellent service delivery and a strong network that facilitates effective and profitable cattle exports to all locations worldwide.

We are a team of livestock enthusiasts, veterinary specialists and international trading experts with sufficient experience and knowledge of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) market. Our wealth of experience with MENA Markets has set us apart as a major authority in Livestock Exports for the region.


Our goal is to become the ultimate answer to all questions relating to cattle exports for all our esteemed customers. We oversee every step of the process; selecting the best breeds, and carrying out all forms of follow-up care leading up to the effective transportation to our client’s desired destination under the best conditions.  

We aim to forge a close working relationship with farmers, traders and other investors in the livestock industry, in order to establish an effective network that revolutionizes livestock exportation. We also provide special price consultancy and training for cooperatives and farmers in developing countries as part of our contribution to the overall development of our esteemed customers.



With our partners, we pride ourselves on the highly efficient logistic services which conform to all known standards and regulations of cattle safety and Hygiene. We collaborate effectively with clients and Partners to deliver top-notch supply chain services to our customers all over the world.

We have an effective land transportation network. Our team of qualified drivers works based on the highest level of professionalism and stockmanship with all required documentation. We make use of state of the art trucks which operate by standard safety regulations for the optimum health and welfare of the cattle they transport for delivery at our collection points.

At our collection points, the livestock is duly prepared for shipping under statutory hygienic conditions with the highest level of regard to their welfare and safety.

We exhibit the same level of professionalism when shipping animals from our collection points to the final destination. For us at Frilan Delivering your livestock under the best of conditions is the ultimate goal in the process of excellent and top quality service delivery which is the longstanding repute of our company.



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